At the beginning of 2018, the weight of a decade’s worth of largely unrecorded material became an ever-growing wall in the path of now Liverpool based songwriter, Tom Blackwell. A succession of doomed studio sessions with varying band lineups over the years found Blackwell without a record in 3 years despite his startling prolificacy­. Having played the majority of live shows over the years accompanied by nothing but an acoustic guitar and a bag of harmonicas, Blackwell had yet to release anything in this stripped back form. With a vast catalogue of songs to go at, he has now set about documenting his work in its starkest form through an ambitious ten-volume anthology entitled ‘Memphis’.

Tackling the music chronologically, each volume references the other with an emerging graphic novel unfolding from the liner notes of each edition to reinforce the rolling narratives that exist across Blackwell’s emerging cast of characters and mix of locations.